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Benefits of the Performing Arts

"The performing arts is not just about being on stage, but about promoting all-round, holistic development."  Director of Childhood Studies, FE College.


 A performing arts education encourages young people to be creative and explore the powers of their    imagination. Promoting creativity is extremely important with regards to a child's development, and   can be further improved through using theatrical techniques to inspire individual thinking.  
 Furthermore, the performing arts has a great ability to teach young people about the importance of   teamwork, all the while improving basic social skills. 


 Confidence is a much needed quality in modern society, and is greatly enhanced by a performing
 arts   education.  If taught properly, the performing arts can encourage even the most withdrawn
 child to   shine.  Other character traits that can be significantly improved through theatre education
 are dedication, determination and perseverance, all of which play an integral role in an individual's   successes, both in education and future career choices.


 Finally, and most importantly, the performing arts field encourages young people to express themselves in a safe and constructive environment that allows them to develop as young adults, all   the while teaching them about the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle.