Case Study: Charity Group, Monmouthshire
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In Spring 2011, TARGET Drama Service ran a 12-week programme at a day centre for
adults with learning disabilities, to help its service users gain confidence. The centre
supports adults of all ages, from those with minor learning difficulties, to those with
severe autism. The drama sessions involved team-building, concentration and devising
exercises, drama games, instruments, puppets and body percussion. In the first session,
only 3 out of the 10 members of the group were confident enough to speak or join in
with the activities. By the end of the programme, every one of the participants took part
in a public drama performance entitled 'Friendship is Fab!' which included poetry,
public-speaking, rhythm work and a memorable soundscape of a storm. The group became
known as The Berkeley Players and has been working together ever since on more and
more ambitious performance projects.

“The performance was an exceptional success. Initially I was unsure what to expect; but... it felt like it had a quaint and happy atmosphere. And that was before the Berkeley players came on, flooding the hall with tears as a result of their astounding performance - a credit to them and their Director!”
Audience Member

TARGET welcomes invitations for projects with charities, youth clubs/after-school clubs, adult education centres, community programmes, saturday schools and other extra-curricular social groups. If you think your group would benefit from interactive drama sessions, please
contact us for more details!

Dramatherapy or Drama Support?

Dramatherapy is a highly complex field that exists in the medical profession whereby therapeutic healing is promoted through the use of dramatic exercises and activities. This is a highly specialised, clinical field, similar to the more commonly recognised Psychotherapy, that takes many years of training by individuals who are taught to balance the power of their work with the emotional and physical demands of their clients. Dramatherapy, like Music therapy and Art therapy is regularly used to help people with emotional, physical, mental and social difficulties and is a highly respected medical field.

Individuals seeking Dramatherapy assistance should be certain that their therapist is properly trained (with the relevant medical and/or educational qualifications) and registered before embarking on a personal therapy programme.

For more information, or if you think you need the services of a Dramatherapy professional, please visit the
British Association of Drama Therapists (BADth).

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'At the end of the day, if just one person feels they have achieved something new, then we know we're doing it right.'

TARGET Drama Service Director

Did you Know?

TARGET Drama Service does not simply focus on qualifications for school children. We also run a number of successful drama programmes in local charity and community groups where the focus is on drama support as a fun and inspirational activity for adults and children alike.

More and more frequently, drama is being used in community groups to help tackle social issue such as tough choices, cooperation and behaviour, youth troubles and confidence. Anyone, whatever the age and whatever the situation, can benefit from the empowerment of performance; here are some of the reasons you might want to include drama in your group or team:

1) to help boost confidence
2) to help improve diction, projection and presentation skills - great if you have a job that requires you to
present to a team or your boss
3) to improve your English if it is not your first language or to lose/promote a specific dialect or accent
4) to gain extra qualifications
5) for enjoyment; for a hobby
6) to take team-building exercises back to the workplace or community group
7) to bond with your community
8) to add to your CV
9) to improve communication and participation skills
10) to promote creativity and imagination

We offer... Total Drama Technique; Elocution Lessons; Drama Interaction Sessions; Confidence Support; Performance Workshops; Puppetry and Visual Art; After-school Clubs; Holiday Schools; Presentation Technique; Immersive Theatre; Creative Expression; Physical Theatre; Drama qualifications for adults; Speech Therapy.

and coming soon...
Autism movement Therapy (AMT)
the movement and music programme that's taking the world by storm!