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Examination Registration: Entry Terms and Conditions (updated Summer 2012)

Please read these updated Terms and Conditions carefully before entering your son/daughter for an examination.

About Entering for an Exam:

An Examination Entry Form MUST be completed in full and returned to your drama tutor before the candidate can be entered for an exam.  A new form is required for each subsequent examination.  You will be advised of our closing date for examinations; this may be 6 to 8 weeks before the actual exam date.

A parent/guardian (if candidate is under 18) must sign and date the entry form and enclose a cheque for the appropriate amount, as detailed on the form, in order for the candidate to be entered.  We will only accept cheques as payment.  They are now to be made payable to THE THINKING THEATRE COMPANY.  Please write the student’s NAME, GRADE and EXAM DATE on the back.  

If the correct cheque and entry form is not returned to the tutor by our closing date, the candidate will not be entered for the exam.  We cannot submit entries on parents/guardians’ “say so”.  For late entry information, see “About Late Changes” below.

The Drama Support Service operates at least one private examination centre every academic term; if this is not convenient, we can recommend a public centre for the candidate to attend.  Our drama tutors do not attend public-centre examinations and so it would be the responsibility of the parent to organise the exam.

About Preparation:

The Drama Service enters students for examinations through the LAMDA examination board.  We use their published syllabus and guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the candidate and/or the parent or guardian to ensure that monologues and poems are memorised for drama exams.  If the candidate is unprepared, he/she may be pulled out of the exam, at the discretion of the individual tutor.  The tutor’s job is to direct the performance, not to help memorise lines.  We are also under no obligation to allow the student to sit the exam, if we feel he/she is not ready.

Students will be given one copy of their examination pieces at the start of the learning period by the tutor; after that, electronic replacements can be obtained here.

It is recommended that students only register as duologue (duet) learners if they can guarantee availability to rehearse with their partner outside of school time.

About late changes:

Dates and times of examinations cannot be rescheduled once timetabling has taken place.  This is in line with examination regulations.

If for any reason the candidate is unable to attend on the day of the exam, e.g. due to illness or bereavement, then you must tell us as soon as possible, in order that any possible refund can be made available.  Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that a refund will always occur as this is at the exam board’s discretion.

It is sometimes possible to enter a candidate late for an exam; however, this will incur a hefty late learner’s fee which is payable directly to the LAMDA examination board.  The Drama Support Service organises an examination session every term so it may be preferable that the candidate waits for the next session.

About legal:

The TARGET Drama Support Service is part of The Thinking Theatre Company.

Completing an Examination Registration Form means that you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.